About The Show

A world where every individual is sovereign over their own lives without threat of force or fraud. A world where every individual has the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives. A world where every individual has the right to pursue life without threat of authoritarian power, regardless of the source. A world where life, liberty, & prosperity for ALL humans is a world that I hope to see.

The Crew

Jacob Johnson

My name is Jacob. I was born & raised in Utah. I'm a fan of heavy metal music, art, reading, the outdoors, & cooking.

In 2008, I started crawling out of the cave (Plato’s cave allegory) & eventually I saw the world for what it is. Since then I’ve been on a mission to live a life of honesty & self improvement while searching for objective truth. I have stumbled along the way, made mistakes, & I haven't always lived up to the principles I hold in such high regard. I am currently focused & driven to improve life by living up to these principles & promoting them to all who will listen. I have a clear goal of becoming self reliant and to live a self sustainable life. Thus, Rise To Liberty Podcast was born. 

I believe in the non aggression principle (NAP) & universally preferred behavior (UPB). I advocate for peaceful parenting & I am anti-spanking. I encourage curiosity & disparage ignorance. I support independent studying, research, & learning. I push for philosophical discovery & discussion. I am a free speech absolutist. I fully support the right to self preservation. I am a anarco-capitalist. I support private property rights of the individual. I acknowledge the imperfections & limitations but I do believe the United States & Western Civilization are the best.

I believe Western Civilization & the United States has the correct foundation to build & improve upon in an effort to work towards a better quality of life that’s full of liberty for ALL. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is all encompassing. For many years I’ve sat by while liberty has been attacked. I’ve taken a more passive approach in sticking up for freedom. Because of the past few years I have decided to become more involved & more direct. I hope this podcast & surrounding community can not only help spread the liberty movement but improve the foundation of liberty for future generations.

More crew members coming soon...